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I just bought a diva cup and it fell in the toilet by accident. IDK if I should throw it away and get a new one. I don't clean the toilet, so there's probably a lot of bacteria. Should I attempt to clean it or throw it away.

It was your own toilet. Now, if had been dropped in an airport toilet or port-a-potty that'd be a different story. It'd be dead to me at that point. Dropped it in the Toilet Accidents happen, and it鈥檚 not uncommon to drop your menstrual cup in the toilet while emptying it.

Dropped diva cup in the toilet

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I dropped my diva cup in the toilet 馃槶馃槶馃槶 So I dropped my cup in the toilet (at home but there was pee in it馃槴), I bought it literally two days ago and now I'm devastated! I'm scared to put it back in, I have boiled it for 20 minutes but I still can't bring myself to use it. 2016-07-23 路 I hadn t used the bathroom yet, I was just retrieving my diva cup when it slipped out of my fingers and landed in the toilet water!! It was my own toilet that has been cleaned. But I fished it out and washed it with a soap specifically for vaginas, except it is scented.

If you鈥檙e in public you may not have another cup or pad with you. If you鈥檙e at home, getting the cup out of the toilet may be less scary but still requires time to sterilize and get the cup ready for use. That is鈥f you choose to reuse it and not replace the cup.

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Dropped diva cup in the toilet

Apr 27, 2015 My funny menstrual cup story is an informative blog with a plot twist! The possibility of dropping it in a toilet, especially a public toilet, crossed聽

One of the city where she had seen a bloodstained syringe in a public toilet. She linked drug use in the聽 There should be a clean toilet with proper water facilities. 4.

Dropped diva cup in the toilet

without thinking I just sat, took my cup out as usual, and tried to reinsert, I almost fell of the toilet, blood 聽 I accidentally dropped my cup in the toilet. What should I do? If your cup falls into the toilet, sorry, you need to buy a new one! To prevent this we suggest聽 Nov 8, 2013 I'm totally disgusted!
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Easiest way to piss me off: make me ruin my manicure. I got out the cup and rinsed it with the Diva Wash as suggested by the instructions. 2021-02-05 路 The diva cup is also firmer than other cups, which helps to create a stronger seal. This helps it stay in place.

The cup went down the toilet and it hasn't clogged it or anything聽 Rinse non-electronic items under hot water.
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Feb 25, 2021 MeLuna Low Cervix Menstrual Cup at "Designed especially for a "Dry with toilet paper if nothing else, and don't drop it!鈥澛

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