Trotter, C. (2008). ‘Pro-Social Modelling’ pp 212-223 in McIvor, G. and Raynor, P. (eds), Developments in Social Work with Offenders, London: Jessica Kingsley


Pro-social modelling. C Trotter. European Journal of Probation 1 (2), 142-152, 2009. 78: 2009: S Turner, C Trotter, C Browning, P Collier, D O'Connor

C Trotter. European Journal of Probation 1 (2), 142-152, 2009. Effective practices in correctional settings-. II. Hudson, OH: Author.

Trotter pro social modelling

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Their Families s  ten med familjerådslag avslutas nu i och med denna nya rapport om social- tjänstens Trotter m fl. (1999). Professionella deltar i privat överläggning (%). 3. 8.

Chris Trotter & Tony Ward.

22 Jun 2016 Professor Chris Trotter worked for many years in youth justice, child reputation for his work particularly in relation to pro-social modelling.

Book Working with Involuntary Clients. Click here to navigate to parent product.

Trotter pro social modelling

Discover how to lead by example at a community work site.

In: European Journal of Probation, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2009, p. 142 - 152. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › Research › peer-review Involuntary Clients, Pro-social Modelling and Ethics. Chris Trotter & Tony Ward. Ethics and Social Welfare 7 (1):74-90 ( 2013 ) Abstract.

Trotter pro social modelling

The approach is outlined in detail in Working with Involuntary Clients ( Trotter, 2013 ).
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Charles R. Robinson and prosocial modelling. His book Working with  7 'Anticriminal coping model' involves prosocial ways of dealing with challenges. encourage desired behaviours, are more productive stimuli (Trotter 2009).

Trotter at Monash University. S: Pro-social modelling (Trotter 2009) of positive behaviours and attitudes with offenders. V: A belief that offenders can change, with the right care and support.
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Pro-social modelling is a therapeutic intervention technique and behaviour modification strategy used primarily in the criminal detention, probation, and education fields. The purpose is to transform children’s behaviour by demonstrating and reinforcing positive social behaviours such …

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Trotter, C., & Ward, T. (2013). Involuntary clients pro-social modelling and ethics. Ethics and Social Welfare, 17(1), 74-90.

74-90. This paper describes the process of modelling and reinforcement and discusses some of the ethical issues it raises. It suggests some guidelines by which the process may be undertaken in an ethical manner and recommends the use of the ethics of care and concept of human dignity as additional theoretical resources to assist in working with this client group. Trotter, Chris (1996a) 'Evaluation of the Implementation of Pro-social Modelling in New Zealand, paper presented at Australian Evaluation Conference, Wellington New Zealand. Google Scholar Trotter, Chris ( 1996b ) ‘The Impact of Different Supervision Practices in Community Corrections: Causes for Optimism’ , Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 29: 29 – 46 .